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DARTexon & Seed IncubIT Join FBBA To Push Forward B2B Web3 Integrations

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Orlando based VijaiSenthil Padmanabhan, a visionary entrepreneur and seasoned CEO, is the mastermind behind Seed IncubIT, a thriving startup incubator that catalyzes the realization of groundbreaking ideas and transforms them into thriving ventures. With an extensive global network of forward-thinking investors, entrepreneurs, and tech partners, Seed IncubIT is passionately dedicated to propelling the growth and success of the startup ecosystem.

As a highly accomplished entrepreneur, innovator, orator, and investor, Vijai holds a distinguished track record in identifying and investing in promising startups, performing comprehensive investment analysis, and offering essential support to portfolio management teams. In just the past year, his company has made game-changing investments in early-stage startups and continues to escalate its impact. Sought-after on topics such as startup investing, entrepreneurship, innovation, and blockchain, Vijai is a frequent speaker and panelist at esteemed industry events. Moreover, he serves as a transformative mentor and advisor to numerous startups, ensuring their go-to-market strategies align seamlessly with their technology roadmaps.

Prior to his illustrious leadership at Seed IncubIT, Vijai founded DARTexon, a thriving software consulting company in Orlando in 2018. He brings to the table a wealth of experience in software architecture, having served as a solutions architect for industry titans such as Marriott Vacations, JP Morgan Chase, and Infosys, where he designed and implemented numerous cutting-edge software solutions. Holding a Master’s in Computer Applications from Bharathidasan University (AVC College), Vijai is a true master in his field.

About DARTexon

DARTexon is a dynamic and innovative software consulting firm integrating powerful digital systems to create a better tomorrow. As a leading global IT professional services company, DARTexon (www.dartexon.com) has a proven track record of delivering world-class solutions in various cutting-edge technologies, including Blockchain development, Data analytics, Process automation, Mobile app development, and Cloud services.

DARTexon is dedicated to helping businesses reach their full potential by leveraging the latest digital technologies centered around improving the human experience. Their experienced team will work with you to integrate the most suitable and powerful applications into a seamless and efficient business process, freeing you up to focus on growth and development.

Whether it’s automating existing processes or building new systems from the ground up, their goal is to provide you with solutions that increase productivity and profitability while reducing time and costs. By empowering you with the latest in business automation technologies, we help you stay ahead of the curve and move forward with confidence.

About Seed IncubIT

Seed IncubIT is a pioneering startup software incubator that offers a powerful platform linking investors, startups, and equity-share tech partners, with the aim of fostering the growth of the startup industry. They believe in nurturing the aspirations of startups and transforming them into tangible results through technology.

There focus is on B2SB startups that possess strong web3 use cases and our equity share tech partnership model enables us to join startups as an equity-based stakeholder, sharing in their triumphs. There team comprises seasoned partners with a successful history of recognizing promising startups and evaluating investment prospects.

As a cutting-edge technology incubator, our mission is to alleviate the financial strain on startups and eliminate the requirement for a technical partner. They invest in your startup by executing IT effectively, enabling you to invest only 20% of your budget on creating an MVP and gaining 80% of validated market insights.

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