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Core Mission

To foster an innovative and entrepreneurial environment for all blockchain-related business in Florida.


Through knowledge comes wisdom, and through wisdom comes action. Education is at the center of all we do.

Track Record

Explore where we have been and what we are doing for blockchain in the state of Florida and our FBBA members.


Key Features and Benefits

By allowing businesses to thrive and educating our elected representatives on issues in our industry, we can make Florida the number one destination for entrepreneurship.

Building Community

We Represent Florida Blockchain

Our goal is to unite the state of Florida to move blockchain innovation forward. We welcome organisations of all sizes as sponsors, but that doesn’t mean that any particular company, individual or organisation has more say, influence or significance than another within our association. We do not hold an official view or persuasion relating to one blockchain protocol versus another, and are agnostic to such matters. 

We welcome constructive input, participation and debate involving all parties within the various blockchain communities, regardless of their perspectives on such things as protocol differences and other blockchain-related topics and seek to represent the whole of the Florida blockchain community.

We encourage and actively seek constructive input, participation and discussion from all parties, regardless of their perspectives on issues of deba commnd will not be tolerated, but we hope that people will join us in the spirit of unity, progress and collaboration that motivates our efforts.

Florida Blockchain

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Hyperion Decimus FBBA Member
The blockchain community in Florida represents over 15,000 individuals, each with unique voices, businesses, opportunities and goals.


Florida News

What's the Buzz in the Sunshine State. From the Space Coast to the Gulf Coast, from our Capitol of Tallahassee, and down to Miami Beach, Innovation is the Talk of the Town.
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