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Y Combinator Backed DigiBuild Joins FBBA, Partners With Real Estate Committee

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Miami-based DigiBuild is building a blockchain-based platform to digitize construction processes and create efficiency at scale. The startup announced at the end of 2022 that it raised a $4 million seed round to spearhead the platform’s growth. Investors include Y Combinator, Draper Associates, Harvard University, Picus Capital, the co-founders of PlanGrid, Bluefield Capital, Cathexis Ventures, MH Carnegie, Build Technologies, OrangeDAO, and Chain Reaction.

Salvador co-founded DigiBuild alongside Chief Customer Officer April Moss, a market and retail strategy veteran, and VP of Engineering Ivan Franco, a blockchain expert, in 2018. DigiBuild took part in the summer 2021 batch of Y Combinator.

The startup’s main product, DigiProcure, is a material management and procurement tool that automates administrative processes for contractors. DigiBuild’s platform enables users to search, filter, and compare various aspects of a project’s timeline. The idea is that these advanced data insights will help reduce waste and fraud.

The blockchain aspect of the platform enables companies to more easily collaborate. Salvador, who comes from a family of contractors and has worked as one himself, noted that the typical project creates 750,000 documents. “Each different business party has a different version of the same paperwork,” he said. Moving this all onto the blockchain will create a single source of truth – streamlining and digitizing this mountain of paperwork.

DigiBuild currently has nine full-time employees. This funding will enable the startup to hire a business development manager to help the company work with more construction companies and industry partners. While DigiBuild is a remote-first company, Salvador signaled that the startup hopes to find a Miami-based candidate since their headquarters are here.

Salvador moved to Miami a year ago and hasn’t looked back. “We were drawn by the growing tech scene, strong & business friendly economy, amazing weather, and we were sick of states like Illinois that restricted business, freedom, and opportunity,” he said. “We wanted to be part of the next U.S. tech hub, and that is Miami. It has been worthwhile, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“Robert and April have been an incredible value add to the FBBA’s Real Estate Committee. The passion, expertise, and resources they bring to the table are immense. We are excited to have them, and are looking forward to do everything we can to help them grow.”

To learn more about Digibuild, go Here.

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