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Arterra Luxe Joins FBBA Real Estate Committee Under Angela Yungk

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Angela Yungk, an entrepreneur in the Palm Beach and Florida ecosystem, has been a long time supporter of the FBBA and its efforts. Recently Yungk patterned with Arterra Luxe to bring them under the FBBA Real Estate Committee.

“I am excited to announce the expansion of Arterra Luxe into Florida. Arterra is eager to
bring their exceptional services and diverse portfolio to this thriving market. I am
confident that our innovative approach to real estate by utilizing blockchain technologies
will be well received by residents and businesses alike.” Angela Yungk

Early on, the founders of Arterra Luxe began researching how the blockchain could
revolutionize the transaction side of real estate. Including title and mortgage alongside
real estate transactions, the blockchain allows for secure and transparent transactions.
In real estate, the blockchain can be used to securely store property records, property
ownership and transfer data, and mortgage information. This eliminates the need for
intermediaries, streamlines processes and increases the speed of transactions. All of
which benefit our clients.

In 2022, Arterra purchased a commercial space with the intention of creating a co-work
NFT cafe and will sell memberships through an NFT. The space, currently under
construction includes plans for a bar, event space, and more. The tokens awarded to
member holders will be used for a number of things, including merchandise, cafe or bar
purchases, or even an agent’s brokerage cap fees, etc. This space will be a test case
for future growth utilizing NFT’s in other locations. With Florida being known as a hub for
NFT and cryptocurrency technology, it seemed a natural fit for Arterra Luxe’s national

For more info about joining the Arterra Florida Team contact;
Angela Yungk | Arterra Luxe
[email protected]

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