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The Key To Saving Bitcoin In America? Oust Elizabeth Warren.

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By Samuel Armes

Bitcoin has had very few political wins. Let me reword that. Bitcoin and by extension the broader crypto community has had very few political wins.

Crypto is not a top priority for the majority of Americans, and those who considered themselves single issue “orange pilled” voters are as incompetent as the Libertarian politicians who continue to lose every election they run in.

Coinbase just launched the 435 campaign, allowing people to contact their public servants in every district in the United States. This would be a fantastic initiative had they done this in 2017. It is too little, too late. Even worse, it is useless.

Congress is divided. This gives some hope as Democrats can not pass any anti-mining legislation. However, this is the wrong perspective. The dynamic now is that moderate Democrats have no say. The agenda will be directed through executive agencies and through enforcement given a stalemate in Congress. This scenario gives all the power to anti-Bitcoin/crypto radicals closest to the Executive Branch, the most powerful being Elizabeth Warren.

U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren trashes Bitcoin and other cryptos, dubs them  “a haven for illegal activity” – Is she correct?

Warren’s power comes from strategic political decisions in 2020’s Democratic primary. Warren stayed in the primary long enough to kill Bernie Sanders chance of clinching the Democratic nomination, allowing Biden to become 2020’s Democratic nominee. This political play has given Warren an incredibly powerful position in the Biden admin’s network. It is no coincidence that Warren was very close with MIT professor Gary Gensler, who is now the Chair of the SEC.

Massachusetts is a thoroughly Democratic State , dominated by its largest city, Boston. Warren is comfortable there, and rightfully so.

Warren Has Not Faced A Primary Opponent In A Decade
Warren Dominated the General Election, Securing Her Straggle Hold
Massachusetts Overwhelmingly Voted For Biden
No Republican Can Make Up The Margins To Challenge Warren. Change Must Come From Within The Democratic party

Primarying Warren

Taking on Warren will be like no battle the Web3 world has seen before. It is going to take a solidly united front with coordination at all levels, but nothing is impossible. The crypto community is heavily divided. If they can can unite over a single enemy, it would be a feat not seen in the industries history.

Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Warren Must Be Defeated In Her Primary

What does this mean? It means no one can oust her other than another Democrat. There is 0% of a Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or Green Party Candidate beating her. None. No resources should be given to anyone who is not a Democrat.

Step 2: Find Her Opponent

We must find someone who believes everything she believes, but with nuance. Warren can be attacked, and the needle threaded. Her challenger need to be a fresh face with moderate experience. Someone with little baggage who can attack Warrens now long and questionable track record on a variety of issues. All politics is local. There must be newer blood in the Democratic party in Massachusetts.

Her challenger must be pro-choice, anti-establishment, pro-technology, and pro-Massachusetts industry. Her opponent must relate Warrens attacks on web3 as attack on Massachusetts companies themselves. Small. medium, and large business owners must come to believe Warrens policies will effect them negatively.

Step 3: Fund Them

Every web3 player who cares about the industry must start donating to an Anti-Warren Super PAC. Now is the time to begin building a war chest. This will not only entice people to become anti-Warren as they will see the support in terms of money, but it will also show any person considering the high risk stance of taking on Warren as less risky.

Aside: Don’t Take Money From Just Anyone

Do not take money from big banks or big oil companies. Warren will use this to establish her anti-establishment credibility and frame her Primary opponent as a war against the Big Banks and Big Oil. You don’t need their money, nor do you want it.

Step 4: Media

Dominate the news cycle. Every Chamber of Commerce involved in Web3 should be pushing an anti-Warren message. Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and others should make a consistent media barrage. Web3 think tanks should publish economic reports on how Web3 effects the Massachusetts economy and what Warrens anti-web3 stance will do to the people of Massachusetts.

Step 4.5: Influencers

Social media influencers such as Tiktok and Twitter personalities devote resources to spreading the anti-Warren message. Influencers should travel to Massachusetts to support and interview whoever her primary opponent is. The media onslaught should be nonstop, with influencers cross sharing content, to further extend the media cycle and its reach.

Step 5: Ground Game

This is the hardest, and where those in tech and web3 especially are incredibly inexperienced and down right bad. Warren has loyalty in her home state, but if you can start to create public perception that the tide is changing, you can start by getting county and city Democratic party chairs to at least Not Endorse Her.

Boston will be the heavy weight. Getting Boston Democrats to at least sit on the sidelines will be a heavy lift, but if accomplished, could leave Warren isolated.


The above task is difficult, but it is far more strategic than simply talking to multiple Congressmen who may or may not pass a bill in a divided Congress. If the Web3 industry cannot make a single isolated push against what is by far its biggest existential threat in the United States, then no amount of soft political skill will save them.

However, even if Warren still wins her primary, the show of force will scare off other weaker enemies.

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