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Desantis Is Seizing The Ultimate Political Issue With CBDC’s

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Written By Samuel Armes & Gary Sheng

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are a diabolic technology that threaten all of our freedoms, and stopping them should be a bipartisan issue that all members in both parties should be against.

By not taking a public stance against CBDCs, Democratic Presidential hopefuls for 2024 are dropping the ball on an issue that has broad understanding and support among the general public.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, one of the frontrunners in the Republican Presidential primary, has seized upon this opportunity. In his press conference today, Desantis spoke over a banner with the label “Big Brothers Digital Dollar.” 

Whether right or left, the average American has a sense of foreboding around anything that functions like China’s social credit score.

No matter what party is in charge, the potential to weaponize CBDCs by politicians and bureaucrats sitting on either side of the aisle is immense.

A CBDC can and will be used to target both Democratic and Republican voters, candidates, Think Tanks, Nonprofits, and more. It will be used to tell us what foods and medicines we can and cannot consume. It will be used to end freedom as we know it.

We cannot afford to let yet another basic freedom become a partisan wedge issue.

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