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John Montague Joins the FBBA Board: A New Era for Florida’s DAO and Web3 Sector

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John Montague Joins the FBBA Board: A New Era for Florida’s DAO and Web3 Sector

Jacksonville, FL – In a significant move set to bolster Florida’s standing in the digital assets and blockchain industry, Florida attorney John Montague has been appointed as a new board member of the Florida Blockchain Business Association (FBBA). Montague, renowned for his expertise in the legal intricacies of digital assets, venture capital, and web3 structures brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the FBBA, furthering its mission to make Florida a leading destination for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), Web3 companies, and freedom technology.

A Stellar Addition to the FBBA

Montague’s appointment is a testament to his standing in the legal and blockchain sectors. With a decade of experience navigating complex legal landscapes, especially in digital assets and venture capital, his insights are invaluable for FBBA’s initiatives. As a native Floridian who returned to his roots to serve his community, Montague embodies the spirit of innovation and dedication the FBBA champions.

Championing Florida as a Web3 and DAO Hub

Montague’s role on the board will involve leveraging his legal acumen and network to advance Florida’s status as a top destination for DAOs and Web3 companies. His legal guidance will be crucial in shaping supportive regulatory frameworks and advocating for policies that foster growth and innovation in the blockchain sector.

A Focus on Education and Advocacy

Education and advocacy are pillars of the FBBA’s strategy, areas where Montague’s expertise will be particularly impactful. His experience in teaching Entrepreneurial Law and advising international clients on digital assets securities regulation provides him with the unique ability to demystify complex legal issues for various stakeholders, from government officials to high-net-worth individuals.

Driving Forward Freedom Technology

Montague’s vision aligns seamlessly with the FBBA’s goal of promoting ‘freedom technology.’ He understands the transformative potential of blockchain technology in empowering individuals and businesses with more autonomy, efficiency, and security. His guidance will be pivotal in championing initiatives that harness these technologies for the greater good of Florida’s economy and its citizens. Montague’s testimony on Florida Anti-CBDC Bill during Florida 2023 legislative session was widely shared amongst both the web3 community and Florida political class.

Looking to the Future

With John Montague on its board, the FBBA is poised to make significant strides in establishing Florida as a beacon for the DAO and Web3 community. His expertise and passion for the field are exactly what the state needs to navigate the exciting yet complex world of blockchain technology. Under his guidance, the FBBA is set to not only drive innovation but also ensure that Florida remains at the forefront of the digital revolution.

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