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Florida Blockchain Business Association Launches Committee On Financial Regulation to Further Foster a Startup-Friendly Environment

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The United States has been grappling with regulatory uncertainty in the realm of blockchain and digital assets, a challenge that the Florida Blockchain Business Association (FBBA) is determined to address. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been at the forefront of this uncertainty, with its approach to digital assets and blockchain technology often seen as ambiguous. This lack of clarity has created a challenging environment for startups and investors alike, who are seeking to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Recognizing this challenge, the FBBA is launching a new committee focused on strictly on financial regulation. The committee’s mission is to foster a conducive environment for startups and position Florida as a hub for innovation in the financial sector. Amidst the national regulatory uncertainty, the committee aims to ensure that Florida stands out as a state where the laws are clear, fair, and designed to protect the community.

The committee’s mission encompasses all aspects of finance, including securities, banking, exchanges, capital markets, and more. It is driven by a three-fold objective:

  1. Pursuing Sound Regulations: The committee will work towards advocating for balanced and effective regulations in Florida concerning capital markets and financial services. By doing so, it aims to create a regulatory landscape that is conducive to innovation while ensuring consumer protection and market integrity.
  2. Encouraging a Robust Startup Ecosystem: Recognizing the role of startups in driving innovation and economic growth, the committee will focus on fostering a vibrant startup financial ecosystem. It will work towards creating conditions that allow startups to thrive, including access to capital, mentorship, and a supportive regulatory environment.
  3. Making Florida the ‘Capitol of Capital’: The committee is committed to positioning Florida as a leading hub for finance and innovation. By leveraging the state’s strengths and addressing its challenges, it aims to attract and retain startups, investors, and talent.

The committee’s founding members bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the financial and technology sectors. They include:

  • Jason Bennick, a seasoned technology and finance professional, currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Commonwealth Capital. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.
  • Jonathon Milks, Co-Founder and President of Stillman Digital, a global technology and digital asset liquidity provider. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.
  • Mathew Rosen, a key player in the digital asset advisory space, Co-Founder of Hyperion Decimus. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.
  • Kyle Schroeder, General Partner of Druid Ventures, a venture capital firm actively investing in early-stage companies in the Web 3.0 space. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.

The FBBA believes that this committee, with its experienced members and ambitious goals, will play a crucial role in shaping Florida’s financial landscape. By fostering a startup-friendly environment and advocating for sound financial regulations, it hopes to position Florida as a leading hub for financial innovation and growth, even amidst the national regulatory uncertainty.

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