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Daniele Denes Joins FBBA Real Estate Committee as Co-Chair

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The FBBA Real Estate Committee has announced that Daniele Denes will be joining its esteemed ranks. But she isn’t just becoming another member – she is stepping into the role of Co-Chair of the committee.

Daniele Denes, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is no stranger to leadership and innovation in the blockchain and real estate sectors. With a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from Escola de Engenharia Maua, Daniele’s journey from Brazil to Florida showcases a passion that began as a hobby in 2015 and has since transformed into a legacy of achievements.

Today, as the Co-Founder and CEO of MetaFusion, an avant-garde eLearning academy within the Metaverse, and a successful blockchain and real estate consultant, Daniele’s expertise stands as a testament to her commitment to the industry. Her track record of bridging the realms of blockchain technology and real estate, coupled with her role as the Regional Chair for the Fort Lauderdale and Region FIBREE Chapter, has proven her prowess time and again.

This appointment isn’t just a win for the FBBA Real Estate Committee; it’s a monumental stride for the entire real estate blockchain community in Florida. With the real estate industry at the cusp of technological innovation, the incorporation of blockchain offers a myriad of possibilities, from enhancing transparency to streamlining transactions. Under Daniele’s co-leadership, the committee is poised to make significant inroads into educating, recommending, and assisting with blockchain adoption throughout Florida’s real estate sector.

In her new role, Daniele will undoubtedly be instrumental in advancing the Committee’s objectives, which include developing outreach platforms, promoting blockchain education, and fostering collaboration between real estate regulators, government leaders, and industry professionals.

Her bilingual proficiency in English and Portuguese, coupled with her global orientation, further positions her as a bridge between diverse communities and stakeholders, fostering inclusivity and broader engagement.

The future of real estate blockchain in Florida looks brighter with leaders like Daniele Denes at the helm. As she embarks on this new chapter, the community eagerly anticipates the waves of positive change and innovation she will bring to the table.

For more information about the FBBA Real Estate Committee and its initiatives, or to learn more about the recent appointments, please visit FBBA’s official website.

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