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Florida’s Oldest & Most Innovative Blockchain Community

The Florida Blockchain Business Association is a nonprofit chamber of commerce on the fore front of ensuring the State of Florida continues to be the leader in the Bitcoin, Blockchain, Web3, and emergent technology space. We’re working hard with industry leaders, business leaders, technologists, connecting our team of experts to policy makers to ensure Florida is a nation-wide and global champion in pro-business and pro-technology policies that encourage effective innovation. 

Bitcoin Expertise

We began Florida's charge as one of the nation's top Bitcoin friendly states.

Blockchain Expertise

Our members have extensive experience with Blockchain.

Web3 Expertise

Web3 is the future of finance and fintech. We're proud supporters.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is quickly sweeping the technological landscape. We're keeping FL in front.

“Here in Florida we have something Special…enough land here to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine.”

- Walt Disney

Pushing Legislation, Creating Community, Benefiting You

The FBBA is on the front lines educating government officials, business leaders, corporations, High net worth individuals, and non profits about the benefits web3 brings to our great State of Florida. With an aggressive grassroots approach and forward thinking business members, the FBBA’s goal is to ensure Florida is the capitol of the web3 space.

Ready To Help Make Florida The Blockchain & Web3 Capital Of The World?

The FBBA has a community vetting process to ensure all new members are: 

Adhering to our standards and best practices.

Doing their utmost to be compliant with rules and regulations.

Legitimate businesses with honest and sound leadership.

Team Plays looking to grow with the rest of us! 

Join Our Family

FBBA Members Are Passionate About Change, and enthusiastic about technology.

The FBBA’s Goal is to:

Business Development: Pair you with like minded businesses and individuals to help our members grow, network, and ensure Florida is a hub for technological development.

Regulatory Oversight: Direct contact with regulators and government officials to help technology prosper with no red tape.

Government Integration: Join existing programs or create your own pilot programs with other members through various committees.

Workshops: Participate in small strategic masterminds to advance your business and the industry.


Corporate Sponsors

Our corporate sponsors are one of the most important components of the success of the FBBA. By bringing together great companies whose founders have passion for technological innovation and sound policy, we’re able to move faster and advocate for change that makes sense for companies, markets, local & state governments and innovators.


Byte Federal


Block Spaces

Consensus Protocol

Crypto Knight

Olympia Marketing



Seed IncubIT

Cogent Bank

Blackbit Data


Genius Token

Chain Stack


Legislative Committee

Our legislative committee unites all of the activities and support of our sponsors helping us to craft, present, and advocate for policies that make sense for everyone and actually get passed!

Montague Law


Hodder Law Firm

Montilla Law Firm

BTM Compliance


Kelman PLLC

BTM Machines


Committee on Financial Regulation

Financial regulation is one of the hot-button issues of the 21st century. Crypto, Bitcoin and other burgeoning financial technologies remain a mystery to regulators. We’re working hard with our sponsors through our financial regulatory committee to help educate policy makers both in Tallahassee, across the state, but also nationwide.   

Common Wealth Capital

Hyperion Decimus

Druid Ventures

Stillman Digital


Real Estate Committee

Real Estate is one of Florida’s largest industries. Our real estate committee is dedicated to bridge the gap between old school analog technologies and help transform the real estate landscape. 

Height Zero

Millennial Title


Real Freedom


Coastal Properties

Digital Asset Consulting

Madison Roberts


Carlton Fields


Everlane Realty


Startup & Nonprofit Members

We love supporting Florida-Based startups and non-profits at the cutting edge of technology. Contact us today if you’re a tech start up throughout Florida to become a FREE startup & non-profit member.

Government Blockchain Association




Saint Pete Catalyst

Tampa Bay DAO

Miami DAO

Satoshi Action Fund

Bitcoin Bay