Shawnna Hoffman Joins FBBA Board, Bringing Corporate Expertise, Experience, & Passion

Shawnna recently moved to ServiceNow after a decade at IBM where she served in leadership roles including the Global Watson AI Legal Leader and most recently as the Global Go-to-Market Leader for Emerging Business Networks. She is a sought-after Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Subject Matter Expert and has spoken at the United Nations at Blockchain for Impact (2018) and the U.N. Data Forum (2020). In September 2018, she was appointed as Chair of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Distributed Ledger Technology and Market Infrastructure Subcommittee for the 2018 – 2020 term.

In October 2019, Shawnna testified in front of the CFTC on “Blockchain Privacy & Confidentiality.” In March 2019, she testified in front of the CFTC on “The Current State of Blockchain Adoption.” In June 2019, Congress submitted to the Congressional Record the paper she co-authored “Diversity in Blockchain’s Initial Review of Facebook’s Project Libra.” She has one published patent for Detecting Clusters and Relationships in Large Data Sets and one pending patent for Method and System for Pattern-based Home Network Configuration. She also co-authored the book eDiscovery Plain & Simple, is the co-founder of Women in eDiscovery and the Co-Founder of Diversity in Blockchain. In 2017, she was awarded the Certificate of Leader Development in National Security and Strategy by the U.S. Army War College.

As her give back to her local community in Orlando, Florida, Ms. Hoffman co-founded and serves on the Board of Directors of the Community Hope Center of Osceola County which has helped over 50,000 homeless individuals since its inception. The Community Hope Center has received multiple awards and most recently, was presented with the Bob Allen Award from the Walt Disney Company and the Good Neighbor Award from Bank of America for the fight against homelessness. The Community Hope Center was an inspiration and featured in the Oscar Nominated Movie, The Florida Project.

Shawnna’s expertise in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as her passion for Florida and the Not for profit space, make her an exceptional addition to the FBBA’s board.


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