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The FBBA Real Estate Committee Comes From All Over Florida; Representing Different Industries, Diverse Backgrounds, and Various Skillsets

The Mission

The FBBA Real Estate Committee provides blockchain technology education, awareness and understanding to all sectors of the State of Florida’s real estate industry.
Laura Pamatian
Raleigh "Lee" Steinhauer
Joe Bettag
Chip Ridge
Jason Bennick
Angela Yungk
Lori Souza
Will Powers
Madison Roberts
Ken Monro
Dawn Pfaff
Chip Ridge

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Height Zero
Digital Innovation Group
Digital Asset Consulting
Millennial Title
Coastal Properties
Madison Roberts
Chip Ridge

Real Estate

The Committee

The FBBA Real Estate Committee provides blockchain technology education, awareness and understanding to all sectors of the State of Florida’s real estate industry.

The committee  strives to connect with all segments of the real estate industry on both a private and public level to:

1) Educate

2) Recommend

3) Assist

With the implementation of blockchain solutions and bridge the gap to state, county and municipal recognition and support of blockchain adoption.

The ultimate goal serves to form a more perfect union between and among  Florida  government and the citizens they serve in the State of Florida.

  • To staff and structure the Committee with interested and qualified volunteers to assist with the development of a communication outreach platform and execute agreed upon milestones;

  • To develop promotional,  marketing and educational materials  for use with outreach messaging to public and private individuals and organizations which fall within the overall sphere of influence of the State of Florida’s real estate industry;

  • To lead and assist with blockchain pilot programs and subsequent implementation and adoption;

  • To unite real estate regulators, government leaders,  representatives, and industry leaders to create a technologically  innovative business environment which benefits all Floridians.

  • Chair:   John Dean Markunas

  • Committee membership by invitation only

  • Other leadership roles to be defined 

Potential Committee Initiatives to include but not be limited to the following:

  • Development of educational webinars and related events

  • Creation of a standard blockchain and real estate educational slide deck

  • Development of a list of real estate representative organizations or associations

  • Creation of public-private outreach channels to communicate with industry organizations  and government entities

  • Blockchain awareness survey for county recorder’s offices

  • Development of a blockchain manual or guide book specific to land registry

  • Creation of a FBBA real estate/blockchain news and article channel

  • Research of possible new legislation needed in relation to the use of blockchain in different real estate sectors  i.e.  recorder’s office implementation, legal and regulatory aspects of tokenization and crypto use

brokers and agents

land registry



construction companies


mortgage lending


title insurance

cryptocurrency use in tokenization and transactions


roof inspectors

property managers


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