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LITCHAIN CORP is a leading cryptocurrency mining data center and bitcoin farm company. Founded by Tony Tate, and Orlando local, Litchain Corp sells, hosts, and supports the most advanced cryptocurrency hardware available on the market, creating a user-friendly experience for all of our clients.

Their continued research and state-of-the-art technology allows customers to build the most advanced hardware to provide the best possible performance for their clients. Their outstanding support staff has some of the most efficient response times in the industry.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrency mining data centers and bitcoin farms, where you lease hash rate on annual contracts, with LITCHAIN CORP you own the hardware outright and your monthly fee covers electrical costs, network fees, support, and various other associated costs. 

Litchain corps focus is providing large financial institutional clients, private investors, and individual clients with a user friendly approach to cryptocurrency mining solutions.


Litchain Corps mining data centers are called POD5IVEs. These cutting edge technology systems are are provided by their strategic management partner and are built on high resistance steel, making it a suitable structure for harsh environments at a much lower cost and faster build out.

Each POD5IVE can be easily shipped by land or sea to its final destination and are 100% fabricated in the USA.

About the Founder

Originally from South Carolina, Tony Tate has been a luxury real estate investing specialist in the Orlando area since 2012. He is committed to providing his customers with the highest level of service as a real estate professional, with professional real estate results.

Tony brings an impressive background in disruptive technology to his partnership with the Southeast Orlando office of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty. In his previous work as a blockchain analyst, he collaborated on numerous real estate cryptocurrency projects.

As a private investor, Tony facilitated and structured the buying and selling of real estate with cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. Additionally, he has developed a certification process that assists title companies in handling real estate transactions in accordance with Florida and U.S. regulatory agencies.

A graduate of ITT Technical Institute and the University of Phoenix, Tony holds bachelor’s degrees in electronic engineering and business and information systems, as well as a Master of Business Administration in technology management.

In his time away from the office, Tony enjoys giving back to the community with faith-based service through his home church, Summit Church, in Orlando. He is an Army veteran and also proudly works with other military veterans on health and wellness issues.


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