Interview with Board Member Lennart Lopin

How did you first learn about blockchain?

“In 2011 I heard about bitcoin and was introduced to the idea of a blockchain when I read the White Paper. With my background in computer science and that being what I study, I am familiar with the ideas of data structures and similarly, linked lists. The interesting thing was the cryptographic technology on top of the idea, plus the gamification, or the race if you will, for the miners to find a solution in order to be able to add the next block. So, I looked into all of that and thought it was a very exciting idea and started mining to try and test it out.”  

What work do you do with blockchain today?

“Over the years, I tried to see if this technology could be something that I might use for myself, so I tried different things. For one, I have always been interested in trading; when these early cryptocurrency markets appeared, I worked on a trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Then, I worked on a lending robot. I thought it was amazing how machines could pay each other. That software can pay a program to pay another program for some service. I thought it was a pretty fascinating idea that money is a programable piece of software, and that itself blew me away. So, I was trying to experiment with this and one of the highlights was an automated lending robot. It would lend money to other people through a lending platform but was fully automated. This was one of the early things, but currently, I am working for White Federal which I founded with a friend in 2016.”

Read more of Lennart’s interview on Medium by clicking HERE.


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