Florida Show Cases Back to Back Bitcoin & Blockchain Conferences

Florida Blockchain Summit 2021

Florida is quickly moving in on becoming the Bitcoin and blockchain capital of the Western Hemisphere. As blockchain after blockchain company move to Florida, the bitcoin community is staking it’s claim in Florida by hosting multiple conferences.

The first conference in the space in 2021 was an NFT focused event. The Miami Crypto Experience hosted what could be the largest NFT gathering in the United States, heavily due to Miami based Bitbasel.

With the Miami Crypto Experience coming to a close, Bitcoiners are bracing for Bitcoin 2021, which according to Refresh Miami, is the “World’s Largest Bitcoin Conference.” “Organizers of Bitcoin 2021 announced today their  conference will be relocating from Los Angeles to Miami. The in-person conference, which organizers say aims to be the largest in the Bitcoin world, will be held June 3-5 at MANA Wynwood…”

“The inaugural Bitcoin 2019 conference held in San Francisco, which featured NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as a speaker, attracted 2,000 attendees, including entrepreneurs,  developers, researchers and regulators. The 2021 event was set to be held in Los Angeles, but with more than 2,000 tickets  already sold and uncertainty over accommodations because of COVID-19 restrictions along with the Miami mayor’s welcome, organizers changed the host city to  Miami last month but a site was not named until now. Organizers are aiming for more than 6,000 attendees.”

Right after Bitcoin 2021, is the Florida Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit, hosted and ran by the Florida Blockchain Business Association.

According to the website, the Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit is “Florida’s first “blockchain & fintech in Florida” focused event, highlighting the ever expanding financial technology industry. The goal of the summit is to bring together stakeholders, businesses, and political leaders from all over Florida, as well as outside of the State, to collaborate on a strategy that will drive growth inside and outside the State of Florida, benefiting our emerging industry.”

“Our event will unify the fintech communities, businesses, evangelists, and political leaders all over the world as well as the leaders within the State of Florida. This conference will be used to craft a clear and unique strategy on making Florida the leader in blockchain and financial technology.”

With so many conference’s being held in Florida, it is no wonder it is becoming the hub for Bitcoin and blockchain companies.


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