FBBA & Saint Pete Catalyst Partner To Further Grow Tampa Bay Blockchain Footprint

The Tampa Bay area is quickly becoming Florida’s second largest blockchain and cryptocurrency epicenter. LinkedIn shows Tampa Bay as one of the top ten attractors of tech talent in the United States. Throw in Tom Brady launching his own NFT company, and startups like Blockspaces raising over a million dollars in start up funding, it’s no surprise Tampa Bay is on the up and up. Joe Hamilton and his business St. Pete Catalyst are just another sign that Tampa Bay is becoming a show of force in the blockchain and crypto realm.

Joe Hamilton founded St Pete Catalyst, a news and ideas platform, in 2018.  Since then Catalyst has grown to be home to the richest content in the community. That success serves as the launchpad for Catalyst’s next evolutionary step.  In 2021/22 Catalyst will bloom into a metacity providing digital services and utilities throughout the community.  A local coin will transfer value between stakeholders and Catalyst will continually seek to decentralize services as DOAs and smart contracts that the community can participate in, and benefit from. 

Joe believes this is a critical inflection point where the future is being minted.  He supports the Florida Blockchain Business Association in raising awareness about the fundamental changes trustless decentralization will cause in the fabric of how we conduct our businesses, our cities and our lives.

A partnership between Saint Pete Catalyst and the FBBA is a natural fit, and will be just another relationship that grows Florida’s blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.


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