FBBA Partners With GBA; Jovan Marjanovic Becomes Federal And International Ambassador

The Government Blockchain Association and the Florida Blockchain Business Association are moving toward a formal partnership to further empower Florida’s blockchain landscape. With Florida quickly becoming the blockchain and cryptocurrency capital of the Western Hemisphere coordination between Federal and State associations has become a top priority for both the GBA and the FBBA.

Jovan Marjanovic, the Director of Global Development at the Government Blockchain Association, will now also become the Federal and International Ambassador of the FBBA. Jovan will be an incredible asset to the FBBA, further cementing the FBBA’s strong foundations and ensuring Florida’s successful future.

Jovan’s is also the Managing Partner of ProWerk Consulting, an IT service provider from Cape Coral, Florida, focused on advanced analytics, machine learning, AI, and data management solutions.

Jovan previously served with Oracle, SAS, SAP, Deutsche Telekom in national and international executive roles and with several venture-funded startups in Silicon Valley.


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