FBBA Forms Real Estate Committee Led By Chairman John D. Markunas

Real estate technology has traditionally been primarily concerned with listings and with connecting buyers and sellers. However, blockchain introduces new ways to trade real estate and can enable trading platforms and online marketplaces to support investing, real estate transactions, and closing processes much more comprehensively.

With the flood of new Floridians from other states, it is no wonder Florida real estate prices are skyrocketing. The real estate industry’s interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has continued to grow just as fast as the Florida real estate market. In order to fill the knowledge gap between those in the real estate industry surrounding blockchain technology, the FBBA has created a Real Estate Committee.

The Real Estate Committee will be led by John D. Markunas, a known leader in the technology and real estate space.

Mr. Markunas is a real estate industry blockchain advisor and business development consultant.  He is the Principal Consultant with Power of Chain Global Consultancy LLC, a blockchain advisory firm. 

Mr. Markunas’ work covers several distinct real estate sectors; property title insurance, real estate transactions, real estate tokenization, and crowd funding along with a special focus on global land registry systems and land governance.

Mission Statement

The FBBA Real Estate Blockchain Committee (“Committee”) provides blockchain technology education, awareness and understanding to all sectors of the State of Florida’s real estate industry.


The committee  strives to connect with all segments of the real estate industry on both a private and public level to 1) educate, 2) recommend and 3) assist with the implementation of blockchain solutions and bridge the gap to state, county and municipal recognition and support of blockchain adoption.

The ultimate goal serves to form a more perfect union between and among various levels of Florida government and the citizens they serve throughout the State of Florida.

The FBBA will be seeking out co-chairs for the real estate committee. All those interested should reach out to either [email protected] or [email protected].


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