Desantis Signs Budget Creating Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Focused Jobs Under Florida’s OFR

On June 7th, 2022 Governor Desantis signed into law Florida’s 109.9 billion dollar budget which consisted of funding for blockchain and cryptocurrency focused positions in Florida government.

The budget consists of almost half a million dollars to go toward these blockchain and cryptocurrency positions.

These positions will fall under Florida’s Office of Financial Regulation. “The goal of the unit is to develop and coordinate the regulatory policies required to provide Florida’s financial marketplace with stability, predictability, and security in the digital marketplace.”

“Florida is the only State in the union with these unique positions,” say Samuel Armes, President of the Florida Blockchain Business Association. “These positions will give our industry a major legislative edge by allowing us to continue to help educate Florida government are the critical role Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and digital assets play in the Florida economy.”

This is on top of Governor Desantis signing CS/HB 0273 into law which accomplished major reforms in Florida’s blockchain and cryptocurrency legal landscape.


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